Doces de Maria Rita

Maria Rita Corrêa

In 1972, at age 19, Maria Rita knocked on the door of King Prudenciana de Carvalho, better known as Dona Lola, hoping to get a job. It was the beginning of a life as a baker and the birth of love for copper pots.

D. Lola at this time produced their candy in a small house in the backyard with the help of his sister D. Inês Villela and other girls in the city. With them Maria Rita learned that life would not need great wealth to be tasty as long as you’re next to a wood stove, the heart remained warm.

Shortly thereafter, the son of D. Lola, with a friend, decided to open a candy factory under the watchful eyes of Dona Lola. This factory that factory, had only the name because all the sweets were prepared manually in ovens to firewood. Between prose, future confectioners gathered at the foot of a tree to embroider the papayas or sand one by one the oranges by hand. The dedication to craft it was noted in each new fruit that came with the season, perfuming the neighborhood with the aromas that sprouted from pots.

At the end of the 80s, the candy factory closed down and each of the disciples of D. Lola and Dona Ines followed his life producing candy in their homes. But the companionship between these confectioners, said that the technique was improved every day in search of a perfect sweet. Between trial and error, an exclusive and relentless dedication, friendship made the sweet reached the standard that is now offered by all in the city.

Maria Rita followed his way in the production of sweets and September 4, 1988 was published the first report in the newspaper Estado de Minas (Caderno Feminino 10_A arte feita de doce) provided a little history of candy and making mention of his work. Thereafter, new customers came and friendship with Clio Ferraz made sweets were more publicized and recognized in Belo Horizonte.

For over 40 years, Maria Rita dedicated all his life to the production of sweets, aided only by her husband José de Paula, a partnership of life of over 30 years.

Production of Sweet Maria Rita is small, has no plans to increase it, holding a life philosophy that “less is more”. However, she dreams of forming new confectioners city, perpetuating the teachings and love for the craft that she has been offered in the past.